Arcata Zen Group
Rinshin-ji ~ Forest Heart Temple



We are a community of practitioners in the Soto Zen tradition of Buddhism. Our emphasis is on sitting meditation, or zazen, and the study of the Buddha’s teachings. We invite everyone interested in meditation to join us.

We maintain a welcoming and inclusive practice community. Our practice requires of us that we become aware of habitual and often unconscious forms of privilege, and then utilize this awareness to cultivate connections rather than separation. We work to assure that all people who come to practice with Arcata Zen Group are seen and heard, respected and included.

We practice settling into the present moment with our whole body, mind, and heart in meditation, as well as in everyday life. Our group offers a meditation schedule, as well as classes, retreats, ceremonies, and other events. We look forward to meeting you. *Read an Interview with Eugene Bush, Head Teacher*

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Meditation Schedule

Meditation Schedule

Weekday Mornings

@740 Park Ave, Arcata

6:00 am Zazen

6:40 am Service

Weekday Evenings

@740 Park Ave, Arcata

5:30 pm Zazen

6:10 pm Service

Sunday Mornings

@Trillium Dance Studio, Arcata

8:00 am Zazen

8:30 am Kinhin

8:40 am Zazen

9:10 am Service

9:20 am Talk/Reading/Discussion

Wednesday Evenings

@First Methodist Church, Eureka

6:00 pm Zazen

6:30 pm Kinhin

6:40 pm Discussion