Winter-Spring 2020 Practice Period

The Teaching on Loving Kindness

Metta Sutta

How does this ancient teaching apply to contemporary social issues?

March 6 - May 3

This is what should be accomplished by the one who is wise, who seeks the good and has obtained peace. Let one be strenuous, upright and sincere, without pride, easily contented and joyous …

- Metta Sutta

This is what ought to be done by one skilled in the good. Having understood the path to peace
Able, straight forward and straight up, polite, they should be mild and not arrogant…

- Metta Sutta (a different translation by Jayarava)


This class will meet 11:30-1:00 on each of these days:  Please note: due to the current health mandate, AZG events are virtual beginning March 27. Join these classes on Zoom.       Password: 806499

  • March 8--In advance please read the Forward of Zenju Earthlyn Manuel’s book, The Way of Tenderness, on reserve in the library.     
  • March 29--In advance of class please get together in groups of two or three and read aloud Chapter 1 of The Way of Tenderness.                   
  • April 5--In advance of class, please get together in your small groups and read aloud Chapter 2 of The Way of Tenderness. Please have available for use during class: scanned pages Zenju’s book from pgs 27-29, or the actual book; scanned page from Larry Yang pg 58; The Literal translation of Metta Sutta:
  • April 26--In advance of class read Chapter 3 of The Way of Tenderness in your small groups; Study questions: (1) For you personally, in your culture which forms of practice do you resist? (2) Why might you be resisting this form? (3) Why is this form a very important teacher for you?       
  • May 3-- In advance of class read Chapter 4 in The Way of Tenderness in your small groups. If you don't have enough time to read the whole chapter, please at least read pages 79-101.

*Yes, you can attend classes even if you are not committed to the full Practice Period.

Study Materials

Study material for this Practice Period will include references to:

Recommended text:

The Way of Tenderness, Awakening Through Race, Sexuality and Gender,  Zenju Earthlyn Manuel, Wisdom Publications, 2015






We will also draw from: Awakening Together, the Spiritual Practice of Inclusively and Community, Larry Yang, Wisdom Publications, 2017

Dates to Note--Please see Online Schedule for Current Events

March 6 & 7 – Open Practice Period Sesshin

March 8, 29 – classes

March 9 - Full Moon Ceremony

March 28 – Work Period at home and check-in

April 5, 26, May 3 – classes

April 5 – Sunday Program/Buddha’s birthday

April 7 - join Santa Cruz Zen Center Full Moon Ceremony

April 25 - Work Period at home and check-in

May 1 & 2 – Sessin

May 3 – Sunday Program

Study Intensive Commitment

Study Intensive information and Commitment Forms for participating in the full Study Intensive are available in the zendo and at Trillium on Sundays. Give your completed Commitment Form to Gene.


Registration is required for class attendance. Fees are $5.00 to $15.00 per class sliding scale and scholarships are available. Place registration forms in the envelope in the zendo or at Trillium on Sundays.