Study Intensive Fall 2021

Baizhang and the Fox

September 26 - December 5

In this fall’s Study Intensive we will examine the themes of Ethics & Responsibility – with our social and environmental crisis and the deep Buddhist teachings about Causation.

Reflecting the Triple Treasure, Study Intensive this fall will include the activity of Buddha Dharma Sangha – that is to say, seated meditation, study and community. To further clarify, participation in Practice Period will include:

  • Seated meditation as the opportunity to still the body-mind and recognize our own true nature. I ask that you make a regular commitment to zazen in community – in person or via zoom – 3 times per week (morning or evening, plus Sundays) additionally part of each sesshin (scheduled hybrid sesshin/ zazenkai Oct 1& 2, Nov 5 & 6, Dec 10 & 11).
  • Study as a chance to engage with the teachings of the elders, teachers’ commentaries on those teachings, and collaborative inquiry into reality as it is. I ask that you read the material associated with the teaching during classes and sesshins, engage in thoughtful conversation; and that you establish a theme for your personal study at home.
  • Community as the location of wholesome and mutual co-creation. I ask that you find a way to participate with and serve the sangha, at AZG or in the broader community, as work practice.
Participation and Registration

To register for the Practice Period, please send Gene a summary of your commitments for participation, including classes and sesshins, by filling out the Study Intensive Registration Form. Please also let Gene know if you would like to participate in classes or sesshins without committing to the full Practice Period.


Each sesshin will be a Friday evening and all day Saturday. They will be hybrid, meaning both in-person and on zoom. There are a limited number of in-person spots; please specify if you want to attend in person or on zoom. Fees for sesshin are $30-$40 per Saturday; there is no charge for Friday evenings. Fees can be paid using the donate button on the website. Please specify that your fee is for sesshin. Full and partial scholarships are available.


Classes will be held on Sundays from 1:30-3pm, on 9/26, 10/3, 10/31, 11/7, 12/5, via zoom only. The fee for classes is $5-$15 per class and can be paid online using the donate button. Please specify that your fee is for class. Full and partial scholarships are available.

Study Material for Classes

We will read from the following selections – a fairly studious approach in the reading, a more exploratory approach in the lectures and discussions. You will find links to the study materials below.

Sept 27 Class - The Baizhang's Fox koan – Cleary compilation, Book of Serenity, case 8

Oct 3 Class - The story as folklore – Heine, Shifting Shape Shaping Text, pgs 9-13

Oct 31 Class - The story as ethics/ morality – Keown, Buddhism a Short Introduction, pgs 91-100

Nov 7 Class - Understanding causation/ right view – Dalai Lama, Key to the Middle Way, pgs 24-28

Dec 5 Class - "How You Do Anything is How You Do Everything" (quote from Cheri Huber)