Fall 2020 Study Intensive

Be Playful, Be Connected

September 27 - November 8


The activity

The requirement

The fruit


3 times per week in community plus 2 other times per week alone or in community

Be aware


Memorize something

Short or long, whatever you can manage

Be diligent

Attend class – we will study the women and men ancestors

Four sessions – classes – 9/27, 10/4, 11/1, 11/8; 11:30-1:00; cost per class $5-15

Be informed

Read a book or see a film

Write a review to share; what is consistent

with the Buddha’s teaching? Send this to

Gene; he will compile and distribute.

Be wise

Have two study buddies; work in groups of three

Read aloud and discuss a weekly passage from Gene; write a short essay – your understanding of one passage; send this to Gene to read and respond to.

Be supportive


Include flexibility, strength and aerobic activity

Be stable

Grow something

Carrots? Bulbs? Pea sprouts? Figure out a way to share seeds

Be amazed

Sew something

Your own oryoki cloth set? A handkerchief? The sewing teacher(s) will make themselves available to help.

Be capable

Shakyo/ copy a sutra

Copy the same teaching multiple times? Begin your own sutra book?

Be refined

Count to 108 every day

Work up to 108 bows? Or 108 breaths?

Be devoted

Sesshin days

Minimum 3 full days – Oct 1,2, 3 & Nov 6,7,8

Cost per day $30-40; plus Home-based Rohatsu Intensive Dec 5-10 

Be awake

Converse with Gene

At least one time during these 6 or 7 weeks

Be yourself


Study Intensive Commitment Form

(Email your completed commitment form to Gene.)

PDF iconCommitment Form

Sesshin - October 1-3  PDF iconOct_sesshin_schedule.pdf

Registration is required; registration information will be sent to the AZGannouncments email list.

Sesshin -  November 6-8 (Schedule TBA)

Study Intensive Classes-Studying the Ancestors

This series of four classes meets Sundays on Zoom 11:30-1:00. Class dates and study materials below.

https://zoom.us/j/6618292899     Password: 806499

Books that we will be drawing from throughout the class series:

The First Buddhist Women, Susan Murcott

Women in Buddhism, Images of the Feminine in the Mahayana Tradition, Diana Paul

The Hidden Lamp, Caplow and Moon

Women of the Way, Sally Tisdale

The Record of Transmitting the Light, Francis Cook

Transmission of Light, Thomas Cleary

And there will be a couple of online references later

Class Registration

Registration is required for class attendance. Fees are $5.00 to $15.00 per class, sliding scale, and scholarships are available. Registration material will be sent to the AZGannouncments email list.