Our ancestor, Dogen Zenji, was a great advocate for seated meditation, zazen. He considered zazen not only to be a method of moving toward enlightenment, but also, the activity of enlightenment itself.  Friday evening and Saturday morning May 1 & 2, we will have the opportunity to do just that. You might like to have your chant book nearby. We will be meeting on Zoom.

Here is the schedule:

Friday May 1, 2020

5:30 Zazen

6:10 Service (Song of the Jewel Mirror)

6:20 Kinhin

6:30 Zazen

7:00 Lecture (preceded by Eihei Koso Hotsuganmon)

7:45 Refuges & closure


Saturday May 2, 2020

8:00 Zazen, robe chant

8:30 Kinhin

8:40 Zazen

9:10 Kinhin

9:20 Zazen

9:50 Service (Heart Sutra in Sino-Japanese & Jijuyu Zanmai)

10:10 Stretching or Walking outdoors

10:30 Zazen 

11:00 Kinhin

11:10 Lecture (preceded by Eihei Koso Hotsuganmon)

11:45 Service (Metta Sutta)

12:00 closure