Redwood Edventure Walk

May 28th, 2022 | 1:00pm
Following our half day sit schedule:
12:30 outdoor (bring your own) lunch
1 P.M. participate in a fun quest walk
Both times, meet at foot of trail #1, top center of main field at 
Arcata Community Forest
At 12:30 we will meet near the foot of trail #1.  Then have lunch for 30 minutes, enjoying each others company.  
For those that wish, our second activity will continue at 1 pm.  We will walk trail #1 in the forest, following a redwood quest.  Lasting less then 1 hour we will stop numerous times along this 1 mile trail in the lower forest.  While we enjoy the forest, we will talk about the forest history, and habitat!  At the end of the quest we will look for a hidden treasure, to answer the final question!
We invite you to join part, or all of these scheduled activities!  Contact Chris, activity event leader with questions.
For more information on the quest details, visit the below link -