Practice Committee Meeting

Practice Committee Meeting, Sunday, March 1, at 1:30 pm

Please give any feedback about any of the agenda items (below) to any Practice Committee member.

Click on the link below for a printable version.


Quick Business

Sesshin schedules                       Are they long enough? Short enough? Comments about frequency

Video recording for Pel. Bay        Gene and Paula proposal

Tenzo/ sesshin cooks                   Gene info sharing

Han training                                  Recruiting for this role

Trillium sequence                         How is it going with announcements in the circle? Is it easier to hear when we are closer together? How are the closing bows in this configuration?



1) Zendo roles chart/ Chant rotation   Does the community have enough interest in always having two chants/ recitations?

2) AZG email Announcements           Can we move toward making a regular email summary of upcoming events?

3) Facilitation                                     Check in about Sunday program, guidelines and participation formats

4) Membership committee                 Does PC have a request for membership committee to consider?

5) Trillium Orientation                        Are the orientation givers following the agreed upon ‘script’? Do we want to expand this group of orientation givers?

6) Doan/ zendo roles                        How refined do we want to be? What is the best way to learn? What is the best way to have people commit in advance?

Items likely for future agenda(s)

7) Giving away chant cards         

8) Chant Books