New Years Eve Program


We will meet at 740 Park Ave in Arcata beginning at 6:45 pm. You may attend all or part of the evening. This event is free of charge and all are welcome.

6:45 pm   Sangha Circle and Fire--we will write down on a small piece of paper what we would like to release of our grasping habits and burn them in the fire outside. We also burn the year’s cards from Well Being Services. (If raining, this will take place in the house around the woodstove.)   

7:30 pm Zazen

8:00 pm Kinhin

8:10 pm Zazen

8:12 pm Start the timer and begin the count-up for the 108 bells. We will ring the bell every minute up to 108 bells, passing the bell and timer from person to person in ten-minute intervals.

8:40 pm Kinhin

8:50 pm Zazen

9:20 pm Kinhin

9:30 pm Zazen

10:00 Ending (3 bows, Chanting of the Refuges in Pali, 3 bows)


Gone, and a million things leave no trace

Loosed, and it flows through the galaxies

A fountain of light, into the very mind-----

Not a thing, and yet it appears before me