Diamond Sutra Reading

Diamond Sutra recitation January 1, 1-3:00 pm

On the Santa Cruz Zen Center Zoom, with Gene
Zoom meeting ID 295 166 8406, password 753
To connect by phone, call 1 (669) 900-6833 and enter the meeting ID and password.

Maybe when we first come to practice we thought some miracle would happen. The miracle actually is coming to practice; we still have to do the work of cutting through delusion. The Diamond Sutra gives very clear teaching for this, and it is especially clear when read aloud continuously in one sitting.

This sutra takes about an hour and a half to read straight through. Gene will facilitate this gathering of Santa Cruz and Arcata people, inviting participants one at a time to read aloud a section; others, while muted, will read along in their homes. We will open with brief introductions and an orientation to the event, then just read, closing with an appropriate dedication. 

Here is a quote from Red Pine’s book on the Diamond Sutra.  The context is a verse talking about the perfection of forbearance.

“The Buddha is concerned that Subhuti’s understanding of this teaching begins and ends with prajna (wisdom).  But prajna does not exist in isolation and cannot be practiced without practicing the other perfections. In this sutra, the Buddha focuses on three of the Six Perfections, namely, those that counteract the Three Poisons:  the perfection of charity, which counteracts the poison of desire, the perfection of wisdom, which destroys the poison of delusion, and the perfection of forbearance, which eliminates the poison of anger.  Although this sutra only mentions these three by name, each is closely related to the other perfections:  Charity with morality, forbearance with vigor, and wisdom with meditation. Thus, by focusing on these three, the sutra provides instruction in all six.  The reason the Buddha mentions forbearance here (in this chapter) is that without it, bodhisattvas will not be able to endure what is the most traumatic teaching they will ever experience or know.”

Translation by Price and Wong, the_diamond_sutra_english.pdf

*Note: If you would like a hard copy of the sutra please contact Beverly*