Community Slideshow

Who: You 

What: An AZG Community Slideshow “Along the Way - A Portrait of a Sangha”

Where: AZG's zoom account

When: January 30th 6:30 to 8:30 pm

Why: To have some fun!

How: a little bit of digital magic

Everyone is encouraged to participate. “Everyone” includes those of you near and those of you farther away. Those who have a daily/weekly community practice and those whose practice is more private and perhaps less visible. Friends and members alike, this is an evening to have some fun together, a time to connect or reconnect; a time to see each other and to be seen.

The theme of the night is “Along the Way - a Portrait of a Sangha” …exploring the threads of our individual lives, which come together to form the fabric of this sangha. With this in mind, the more people who participate, the richer the portrait of our community will be. Contact us or see azgannouncements emails for more information on how to participate.

On January 30th, a little before 6:30, get yourself cozy, perhaps make some popcorn or a cup of tea, dim the lights, and join your community on zoom for “Along the Way - a Portrait of a Sangha”.