Buddhism and Garden Conversation

Buddhism and Garden Conversation

Dates: Tuesdays, June 11 and June 18

Time 6:30-7:00 pm

Place: 740 Park Ave, Arcata

June 11—How does a garden portray a Buddhist sensibility? What elements are particular to a garden for remembering those who have passed?

June 18—How can you bring a Buddhist feeling to a home garden? What can you add or adjust to include this in your own garden?

There is no charge for these events and everyone is welcome to attend.

These two talks will be given by our guest, Marcia Lieberman, during her two-week visit. She is a long-term Buddhist practitioner who has been at San Francisco Zen Center since 1989. Marcia has been a resident at all three SFZC practice centers. During this time she received training in the various doan positions regarding service and practice. She is a devoted student of Tea Ceremony. As head gardener at City Center, she also has been Flower Chiden (gathering and arranging flowers for the altars) for many years. Together with the City Center Ino, a book was produced on the forms and preparations for the various services throughout the year. She served as Shuso in the spring 2017 Green Gulch Farm practice period. Please check the calendar for additional events with Marcia.