Daily Meditation Schedule

Our activities are open to everyone. All in-person meditation takes place in the zendo at 740 Park Ave in Arcata, except for the Wed evening Eureka sit.

Join us on Zoom here

Sunday Program (hybrid)

8:20 am Zazen (sitting meditation); 8:50 Kinhin (walking meditation)

9:00 am Zazen (sitting meditation); 9:30 am Service (bowing and chanting)

9:45 am Dharma talk, Book reading or Poetry sharing

Monday thru Friday

6:00 am Zazen (sitting meditation); 6:40 am Service (bowing and chanting), Mon and Wed are Hybrid; Tues, Thurs and Fri are on Zoom

10:00 am MON only -  Zazen and Well-being Ceremony, on Zoom

5:30 pm Zazen (sitting meditation) Hybrid; 6:10 pm Service (bowing and chanting), Hybrid

6:00 pm WED only - Zazen in Eureka, In person  Eureka Sit

Saturday (zoom only)

9:00 am Zazen (sitting meditation); 9:30 am Home-based Work Period

10:00 am Sangha Check-in