Chant Rotations

Weekday Morning (One Chant)     

Mon, Wed, Fri---Maka Hannya Haramita

Tues, Thurs---Heart Sutra

Weekday Evening

Mon--Song of the Trusting Mind (chanted)

Tues--Metta Sutta (chanted)

Wed--Song of the Grass Hut (recited)

Thurs--Maylie's Prayer for Peace (recited)

Fri--Setting in Motion the Wheel of Dhamma Sutta (chanted)

Sunday Morning Program

1st Sun—Heart Sutra in English

2nd Sun—Setting in Motion

3rd Sun—Metta Sutta + Enmei Jukku

4th Sun – Identity of Relative and Absolute

5th Sun—Maka Hannya Haramitta

Weekday Morning (Two Chant, during Study Intensive and Practice Period)

Mon – Maka Hannya Haramita  + Jijuyu Zanmai

Tues – Heart  Sutra + Jewel Mirror

Wed – Maka Hannya Haramita + Setting in Motion

Thurs – Heart Sutra + Sho Sai Myo

Fri – Maka Hannya Haramita + Metta Sutta

Individual Chants

Morning and evening zazen

Robe Verse pdf

Now we open Buddha’s robe, a field far beyond form and emptiness, the
Tathagata’s teaching for all beings
Dai zai ge da pu ku, Mu so fuku den e, Hi bu nyo rai kyo, Ko do sho shu jo
Now we open Buddha’s robe, a field far beyond form and emptiness, the
Tathagata’s teaching for all beings.

Repentance Verse
All my ancient, twisted karma, from beginning-less greed, hate and delusion,
born through body, speech and mind, I now fully avow.

Three Refuges in Pali
Buddham saranam gacchāmi Dhammam saranam gacchāmi Sangham saranam
Dutiyampi buddham saranam gacchāmi Dutiyampi dhammam saranam
gacchāmi Dutiyampi sangham saranam gacchāmi
Tatiyampi buddham saranam gacchāmi Tatiyampi dhammam saranam
gacchāmi Tatiyampi sangham saranam gacchāmi

Before and After Dharma Talk

Immediately before a Dharma talk is given:

An unsurpassed, penetrating, and perfect Dharma
Is rarely met with
Even in a hundred thousand million kalpas.
Having it to see and listen to, to remember and accept,
I vow to taste the truth of the Tathagata's words.

At the close of the Dharma talk, the Four Great Vows:
Beings are numberless,
I vow to awaken with them.
Delusions are inexhaustible,
I vow to end them.
Dharma gates are boundless,
I vow to enter them.
Buddha's way is unsurpassable,
I vow to become it.

Bodhisattva Ceremony (Informal Precepts Renewal) pdf

Buddha's Parinirvana Brief Admonitions Sutra pdf

Eihei Koso Hotsuganmon pdf

Enmei Jukku Kannon Gyo

Kan ze on
Na mu Butsu
Yo butsu u in
Yo butsu u en
Bup po so en
Jo raku ga jo
Cho nen Kan ze on
Bo nen Kan ze on
Nen nen ju shin ki
Nen nen fu ri shin

Fukanzazengi pdf

Genjo Koan pdf 

Great Wisdom Beyond Wisdom Heart Sutra pdf

Hymn to Prajna Paramita pdf

The Identity of Relative and Absolute pdf

Jijuyu Zanmai (Self­-Fulfilling Samadhi by Eihei Dogen) pdf

Lotus Sutra’s Life Span of the Tathagata pdf 

Maka Hannya Haramitta Shin Gyo pdf

Metta Sutta pdf

Prayer for Peace (by Maylie Kushin Seisho Scott)

May I be well, loving, and peaceful. May all beings be well, loving, and peaceful. May I be at ease in my body, feeling the ground beneath my seat and feet, letting my back be long and straight, enjoying breath as it rises and falls and rises. May I know and be intimate with body mind, whatever its feeling or mood, calm or agitated, tired or energetic, irritated or friendly.  Breathing in and out, in and out, aware, moment by moment, of the risings and passings. May I be attentive and gentle towards my own discomfort and suffering. May I be attentive and grateful for my own joy and well-being. May I move towards others freely and with openness. May I receive others with sympathy and understanding. May I move towards the suffering of others with peaceful and attentive confidence. May I recall the Bodhisattva of compassion; her 1,000 hands, her instant readiness for action. Each hand with an eye in it, the instinctive knowing what to do. May I continually cultivate the ground of peace for myself and others and persist, mindful and dedicated to this work, independent of results. May I know that my peace and the world's peace are not separate; that our peace in the world is a result of our work for justice. May all beings be well, happy, and peaceful.

Setting in Motion the Wheel of Dhamma Sutta pdf

Shosai Myo Kichijo Dharani (Wondrous and Auspicious Dharani for Removing Hindrances) pdf

Song of the Grass Hut pdf

Song of the Jewel Mirror Samadhi pdf

Song of the Trusting Mind pdf

Song of Zazen pdf