Chant Rotations

Chant Rotations


Weekday Morning (One Chant Service)

Mon, Wed, Fri---MakaHannyaHaramita

Tues, Thurs---Heart Sutra (chant)


Weekday Morning (Two Chant Service)

Mon---MakaHannyaHaramita + Jijuyu Zanmai (chant)

Tues---Heart Sutra + Jewel Mirror (chant)

Wed---MakaHannyaHaramita + Setting in Motion (chant)

Thurs—Heart Sutra + Sho Sai Myo (chant)



Weekday Evening

Every two weeks the evening chants are repeated. The Precepts Ceremony replaces the evening chant on or near the new and full moons. Please check calendar.






Heart Sutra


Setting in Motion (chant)

Song of Zazen


Metta Sutta




Relative & Absolute (recite)

Alternate Lotus Lifespan & Never Disparaging


Jewel Mirror


Prayer for Peace






Sunday Morning Program (One Chant Service)

1st Sun—Heart Sutra in English (chant)

2nd Sun—Settng Motion the Wheel of Dhamma Sutta

3rd Sun—Metta Sutta + Enmei Jukku (recite)

4th Sun—Sandokai: The Identity of Relative and Absolute (sing)

5th Sun—Maka Hannya Haramitta & Enmei Jukku Kanno Gyo


Sunday Morning Program (Two Chant Service)

1st Sun---Heart Sutra + Jewel Mirror (chant)

2nd Sun---Heart Sutra + Song of Zazen (recite)

3rd Sun---Metta Sutta + Enmei Jukku (recite)

4th Sun---Heart Sutra + Relative and Absolute (sing)

5th Sun---MakaHannyaHaramita + Enmei Jukku Kanno Gyo