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AZG Calendar


2 Eugene Bush Dharma Talk
Eugene Bush Dharma Talk
Full Moon Ceremony
Poetry Sunday
16 Well Being Service
28&29 Sesshin
30 Alan Senauke Dharma Talk

Full Moon Ceremony
20 Poetry Sunday
20 Well Being Service
27 Eugene Bush Dharma Talk

Sept-Nov: 6 week Study Intensive

3 Eugene Bush Dharma Talk
Full Moon Ceremony
Poetry Sunday
17 Well Being Service
Eugene Bush Dharma Talk
29&30 Sesshin (oryoki meals)

1 Eugene Bush Dharma Talk
1 Study Intensive Class
Eugene Bush Dharma Talk
8 Study Intensive Class
Full Moon Ceremony
Poetry Sunday
15 Well Being Service
29 Eugene Bush Dharma Talk
29 Study Intensive Class

Sesshin (oryoki meals)
5 Eugene Bush Dharma Talk
14 Full Moon Ceremony
Poetry Sunday
19 Well Being Service

8&9 Rohatsu Sesshin
3 Eugene Bush Dharma Talk
10 Eugene Bush Dharma Talk
Full Moon Ceremony
Poetry Sunday
17 Well Being Service
31 New Year's Eve Ceremony


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Daily, Weekly, and Sesshin Sitting Schedules and Locations

Please see the Beginner's Handbook for more, specific information about sitting with the AZG.
Whenever possible, carpool to Rin Shin-ji; parking is extremely limited
and reserved for those with disabilities. Do Not Park In Front Of Our Neighbors.

Sesshin schedule and directions to Rin Shin-ji follow.

Daily and Weekly Sitting

Zazen Instruction and Orientation
Beginners and experienced students are welcome. If you are new to zen practice, you might find it helpful to talk to a member about our approach to meditation. This isn't a requirement; you're welcome to join us in meditation with or without an orientation. If you're interested, please call 826-1701 or email us at info@arcatazengroup.org and we will get back to you.

Sunday Mornings
The Arcata Zen Group meets at the Trillium Dance Studios at 855 8th St, Arcata, CA 95521, next to the Arcata Post Office, a half a block from the northwest corner of the plaza. It is recommended to arrive at sits a few minutes early so as to be seated before the bells are rung for zazen.

8:00 Zazen
8:30 Kinhin (please enter during kinhin if arriving for the second sitting of zazen)
8:40 Zazen
9:10 Morning Service
9:20 Reading/Discussion/Student or Teacher Talk

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Weekday mornings sittings are held at Rin Shin-ji at 740 Park Ave., Arcata Monday through Friday

6:00am Zazen
6:50am Service

Weekday evenings sittings will be held at Rin Shin-ji at 740 Park Ave., Arcata Monday through Thursday

5:30 to 6:10pm

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Other Locations

Eureka There is zazen every Wednesday from 6 to 7PM, beginners please arrive by 5:55 pm at the First Methodist Church, 520 Del Norte Street, Eureka, California.  Enter single story building between F & G on Sonoma St. Room 10. For more information call Marie 845-8399 or email barryevans9@yahoo.com

http://www.embed-google-map.com http://www.addmap.org
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Sesshin Schedule

This is the standard schedule for multi-day sesshin; specific sesshin schedules, when different, will be posted in the Event announcements. If you would like to print the schedule, use this pdf file.
Sesshins are held regularly with the Arcata Zen Group at Rin Shin-ji at 740 Park Ave., Arcata.  Sesshins are full day or several days of sitting held every month or so throughout the year and are often led by a Zen priest or Teacher.  We advertise these and post them on our website calendar.  It is recommended to register a week or more in advance if one is planning to attend.

First Evening of sesshin

7:30pm zazen
8:00pm kinhin
8:10pm Opening Talk
8:50pm service
9:00pm exit

Full Day Schedule

6:30am zazen
7:00am kinhin
7:10am zazen
7:40am service
7:50am breakfast

9:00am zazen
9:30am kinhin
9:40am zazen
10:10am forest kinhin
11:10am zazen
11:40am kinhin
11:50am service

12:00pm lunch
1:30pm work period
2:45pm clean up
3:00pm tea together
3:30pm zazen
4:00pm kinhin
4:10pm zazen
4:40pm kinhin
4:50pm zazen
5:20pm kinhin
5:30pm dinner

7:00pm zazen
7:30pm kinhin
7:40pm Dharma talk
8:50pm service
9:00pm exit

Last Day of Sesshin
same as above until : 4:40pm closing circle

Sesshin Guidelines

  • Maintain silence throughout sesshin.  If something requires attention, please take the coordinator aside to speak.
  • Reading and writing are discouraged during sesshin.
  • Try to attend the entire sesshin.  If you are unable to, then try to attend a full day if possible, with the understanding that certain needs may require partial attendance.
  • Bathrooms may be used during kinhin.  Tea and Coffee are not available during kinhin.
  • Please observe parking guidelines as posted by the zendo door.
  • Due to chemical sensitivities, please be fragrance free.
  • If you need to leave sesshin prior to the end of the day, please notify the coordinator. Also please let the coordinator know of any food sensitivities or other special needs.

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Directions to Rin Shin-ji

740 Park Avenue, Arcata

From US101

Take Samoa Blvd. exit (South Arcata) towards Sunnybrae.

Use first roundabout to turn left onto Union Street. Travel up hill.

Turn right onto Bayside, then IMMEDIATELY turn left to continue uphill on Fickle Hill. Bear right at the fork.

Fickle Hill ends within a couple of blocks at Park Avenue. Turn right and continue uphill on Park Avenue

One block past Shirley Blvd. (and only a few blocks from your last turn), Park Avenue turns right while the main road continues uphill as Fickle Hill. Turn right to stay on Park Avenue.

Rin Shin-ji is the second house on the left. There is very limited parking, reserved for those with disabilities. Please do not park in front of our neighbors. Instead, park on Fickle Hill and walk.

From downtown Arcata

Take 11th St. over the freeway and up the hill until it meets Bayview St.

Jog right for one block on Bayview and then follow around to the left as it becomes Park Ave.

Continue uphill on Park and follow steps five and six above.

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