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2 Dharma Talk with Gene
5-8 Sesshin
9 Dharma Talk with Gene
11 Full Moon Ceremony
Night Shelter Cooking
Poetry Sunday
16 Well Being Service
28 Night Shelter Cooking
28 Dharma Talk with Gene

5 & 6 Rohatsu Sesshin w/Gene
7 Dharma Talk with Gene
9 Full Moon Ceremony
Night Shelter Cooking
Poetry Sunday
21 Well Being Service
26 Night Shelter Cooking


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Contacting the Arcata Zen Group

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Azglist & Membership Info

Submission Guidelines

Directions to Rin Shin-ji


Arcata Zen Group
740 Park Avenue
Arcata, CA 95521

~ ~ or ~ ~

POBox 1023
Arcata CA 95518


(707) 826-1701


For General Information: info@arcatazengroup.org

This is the address to use for all questions, queries, suggestions, etc. that do not have to do with the website itself. The Info person will direct your email to the member or entity best suited to answer.

AZG Committee Contact Information:

2014 Board of Directors:

Ann Greenwater
Denise Homer
Milli Quam
Beverly Filip
Dennis Shayne
Marie Ferreboeuf

2014 Practice Committee:

Alex Kantner
Rob Roversi
Robin Twohig
Michael Quam
Steve Homer
Rose Brewster

Submission Guidelines for Both the Website and Rin Shin-ji Voices

Guidelines, including helpful formatting, privacy info, and whom to contact, can be found on the Submissions Guidelines page.

Directions to Rin Shin-ji

From US101

Take Samoa Blvd. exit (South Arcata) towards Sunnybrae.

Use first roundabout to turn left onto Union Street. Travel up hill.

Turn right onto Bayside, then IMMEDIATELY turn left to continue uphill on Fickle Hill. Bear right at the fork.

Fickle Hill ends within a couple of blocks at Park Avenue. Turn right and continue uphill on Park Avenue

One block past Shirley Blvd. (and only a few blocks from your last turn), Park Avenue turns right while the main road continues uphill as Fickle Hill. Turn right to stay on Park Avenue.

Rin Shin-ji is the second house on the left. There is very limited parking, reserved for those with disabilities. Please do not park in front of our neighbors. Instead, park on Fickle Hill and walk.

From downtown Arcata

Take 11th St. over the freeway and up the hill until it meets Bayview St.

Jog right for one block on Bayview and then follow around to the left as it becomes Park Ave.

Continue uphill on Park and follow steps five and six above.

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